Back Pain Disorders

Restore Balance and Reduce Injury Risk - Santa Clarita Chiropractor

Balance Understanding the importance of balance in our everyday lives, we strive to provide the best possible support for those experiencing balance problems in any age group.  Through careful examination and diagnosis, we can identify underlying causes and recommend a less invasive, effective treatment protocol tailored to each individual's needs.  Your balance issues ...
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How to Get Lasting Sciatica Relief | Santa Clarita Chiropractor

Date: Feb 27, 2023
Sciatica Sciatic nerve pain is a condition that affects many people, often leading to debilitating pain and discomfort. For many, the traditional methods of medication, decompression, physical therapy, and surgery only offer temporary relief.  [1] But now there is hope! Santa Clarita Chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Polucki has developed a personalized treatment plan ...
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Have You Been Looking for Relief from Your Injury? | Santa Clarita Chiropractor

Injury If you've been injured in the Santa Clarita Valley and are still dealing with pain even after trying physical therapy and pain management, then you need to look at our injury patient testimonials. This Santa Clarita Chiropractor has helped many people get back to their lives after suffering an injury, ...
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Back Surgery Second Opinion in Santa Clarita

Date: Jan 2, 2023
Back Pain  For most Americans, lower back pain is something they will all encounter in their lifetime. It's no surprise that it has become one of the most common reasons why people visit a doctor here in America - an estimated 1 out 4 adults suffered from low back pains lasting ...
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