Body Pain Disorders

Love Your Heart in Santa Clarita Clinique

Date: Feb 26, 2019
Love Your Heart Since American Heart Health month occurs in February, let's give your heart some love. And while heart disease continues to rank as the top cause of death, simple lifestyle hacks can reduce the risk of heart attacks. Now most of us know that exercise improves heart health but most ...
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Drug Free Pain Relief in Sant Clarita Clinique

Date: Feb 23, 2019
Drug-Free Pain Relief  Now that opioid overdose kills over one hundred people every day in the United States. With misuse and addiction to opioids, including prescription pain killers, heroin, and its synthetic form fentanyl, we face a national crisis. And this opioid crisis not only affects public health but social and economic welfare as well. ...
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Cancer Diet natural treatment in Santa Clarita

Date: Feb 12, 2019
Millennial Cancer Rates Rise Could Cancer Diet Reduce Risk According to a recent study by the American Cancer Society, young adults now experience higher rates of cancers associated with obesity in the United States. And research compiled in The Lancet indicates that Millennials now have twice the risk of some cancers compared to ...
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Who Needs Chiropractic

With over 300 Five Star Google Reviews for  Dr. Polucki, Santa Clarita's highest reviewed chiropractor asks Who Needs Chiropractic Even though sometimes back and neck pain gets better by itself, too often it doesn't. Pills, creams, heat and ice certainly help with minor aches and pains. But chronic, recurring back and neck pain often needs professional help. ...
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