Functional Medicine

Vitamin Value

Date: Aug 7, 2022
What does it mean if a nutrient is bioavailable?The bioavailability of a supplement is the key to its effectiveness. This is because it determines how well your body can use the nutrient. If you take supplements, you want them to be as bioavailable as possible so that your body can ...
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Gut Health Food

Date: Jul 25, 2022
Microbiome? Now, more than ever, we are beginning to understand the importance of gut health beyond indigestion and diarrhea. The ecosystem living in our digestive tracts is referred to as the microbiome. Gut bacteria is one of the most essential components of good health and wellbeing, since it aids in the ...
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Healthy Lifestyle

Date: Jul 12, 2022
Lifestyle Medicine A healthy lifestyle is one that leads to health and happiness over time. Living with strong emotional, mental, and physical energy that not only empowers you, but also attracts good people to support you. For some, it might mean getting up early and walking a couple of miles every morning, ...
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Self Care Guide

Date: Jun 16, 2022
Self-Care Origin StoryHippocrates, the “Father of Medicine” lived in ancient Greece from 460-370 BC. He made it to 90 years old, over two thousand years ago. Meanwhile, here in America, life expectancy continues to drop year after year. The average twenty first century man in the U.S. can only expect ...
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