Neck Pain Disorders

Neck Pain Better For Good

Date: Mar 25, 2022
Neck Pain Still? What if you could get up and out of bed pain free, and no matter your activity, all day, you can face it... Because you can turn your head without pain in the neck. So, no matter what life throws at you, whether it's a stress at work, ...
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How To Fix Your Bad Posture For Good

Date: Mar 16, 2022
Posture Affects What would you get done if you looked and felt two inches taller with less aches, pains, and more energy? How much could you save at Starbucks? Let’s face it people judge by first impressions and bad posture is the new bad teeth. But SO much worse. You could ...
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Life Shoulder Pain Free

Date: Feb 28, 2022
Before and After Shoulder Pain With lasting shoulder pain relief, you could start your day feeling refreshed and invigorated. Appear and feel ten years younger, so you're ready for anything. And no matter what life throws at you, whether it's a stressful meeting or some time off for the with friends, ...
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Neck Injury Sprain or Strain

Date: Feb 16, 2022
Neck Sprain or Strain Neck injury can be serious when caused by a sudden acceleration or deceleration of the neck. Common points of injury include mild traumatic brain injury (head), the cervical spine (neck bones, discs and nerves) and the thoracic spine (upper back bones) and (rotator cuff) shoulders. The most ...
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Neck Pain Injury Symptoms

Date: Feb 4, 2022
Neck Pain Types  Neck pain can be divided into two main types of neck injuries: degenerative neck pain and traumatic neck pains. Deterioration of the neck is typically age related or caused by things like poor posture, unusual stress on your neck muscles, obesity, smoking and even old whiplash trauma. The ...
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