Neck Pain Disorders

Balance Rehabilitation After A Fall

Date: Nov 11, 2021
Why Balance Rehabilitation MattersBalance and coordination are fundamental aspects of our everyday lives. Most people don’t even realize how much they depend on these two things until they are not able to do them anymore. Balance rehabilitation is a type of therapy that helps patients overcome balance-related problems such as dizziness, ...
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Spinal Injury Specialist

Spinal InjurySpinal injury makes most people picture a Frankenstein halo, full body cast, wheelchair… And that may be true for an unfortunate few who suffer a complete spinal cord injury. So that horrible injury, often trapping someone in their own body, permanently, gets the respect and attention it rightfully deserves. Mild ...
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Neck Pain Specialist Whiplash

Date: Oct 29, 2021
Pain In Neck with Whiplash Anyone who ever had a neck sprain-strain knows whiplash hurts. Sometimes it feels better in a few days, sometimes it can take weeks or even months to flare up. But once it does, it may never go away. And I know that can sound crazy, unless ...
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