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Shoulder Pain Conditions Causes Treatments

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Date: Dec 14, 2021
Understanding Basic Shoulder Anatomy The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint, with the ball on the top of the arm bone and the socket in a shallow depression at the top of the shoulder blade. The joint is surrounded by a capsule of tough tissue that helps to keep ...
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Guide To Golf Without Pain

Date: Dec 1, 2021
Golfing Without Pain Golfers’ risk of injury is greater than that of the general population. This is due to the repeated bending, twisting, and lifting motions that are required in the game. Some medical conditions can also be a cause for concern among golfers, depending on their severity. A golfer ...
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Shoulder Pain Treatment Options

Date: Oct 27, 2021
Shoulder Pain ReliefSurgery may be necessary and stem cells may be within your budget. But in my experience, neither provide the permanent fix that is often implied. And I only say that because I often see people with shoulder pain only after they tried physical therapy, cortisone pain management injections, ...
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Neuropathy Means Nerve Damage

Peripheral neuropathy means damage to the nerves in the hands and feet.  Common symptoms of neuropathy include numbness, pain, burning, pins and needles, or electric pain. Drugs including anti-depression, painkillers and anti-seizure medication may offer some temporary relief. And that can be important. But none of those medications treat the underlying condition or ...
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