Fall Prevention Tips To Feel Safer At Home

Posted in Chiropractic on Sep 23, 2021

Falling injury prevention starts with yourself.

As we get older, strength and balance become an issue for many of us. Several common medications also increase the risk of falling. Most of us will need glasses to see clearly, so make sure that the prescription is up to date. 

I’d like to run down a fairly comprehensive fall safety list for you. But first, I’d like to share why this is personal to me. A few years after I lost my grandfather, I almost lost my grandmother too. She lived about an hour away in a senior community. And we got her one of those emergency call pendants, just in case.

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My dad got worried when she didn’t answer the phone after several attempts. So he drove down and found her in the bathroom, she’d been stuck there on the floor for days. After a long hospital stay, she came to live with us. But she was never well after that. And continued to decline for a few years.


Hi, I am Dr. Thomas Polucki, WebMD‘s choice for best chiropractor and functional medicine expert in Santa Clarita, California. As one of 12 advanced certified instructors in the world I taught at two chiropractic colleges. And currently serve as Medical Director to over 300 functional medicine practitioners in America.

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And one of the best benefits of upper cervical chiropractic is effective posture and balance rehabilitation. Regardless of age, arthritis, or physical fitness. So that means less falls and what that really means is feeling safer at home.

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We also encourage our patients to learn and practice tai chi. Because, in every way, it helps getting old a lot easier. By improving balance, circulation, strength, and flexibility tai chi has been Functional Medicine for thousands of years.

And while slippers may be easy, you could trip on the half open kind. So I recommend a comfortable, non-slip full foot cover slippers. And keep them next to your nightstand for those late night bathroom needs.

Need For Change

When changing positions, Please Get Up Slowly. Take a few minutes,  even if you’re in a rush in the middle of the night to get to the bathroom….  To flex and extend your toes before they hit the floor.  And take a minute for each position change, from lying down to sitting, and then again from sitting to standing before you take your first steps. 

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And make sure that your path to the bathroom is clear and well-lit before you go to bed.

Phone It In 

Most people have cell phones these days so remember to always keep it on you.  

Especially when going to the bathroom, because all jokes aside, the bathroom may be the most dangerous room in the house for falls.

And charge that cell phone on your bed stand every night. Most phones have a flashlight for emergencies too, so make sure you know how to use it. With all your emergency contacts programmed into an easy access application on your phone.

First Floor… Safety. (May require some help.) 

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A quick sweep of the floors every day could save a lot of heartache. Especially if you have pets. Their hair, toys and food could cause a slip and fall. 

And move any furniture that partially obstructs a clear path to the bathroom, kitchen and all exits.  

Are all of the flooring surfaces nonslip? If you have throw rugs, make sure they have non-slip backing. Especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Professionally installed handrails in the bathroom are a must. 

If you can avoid stairs and stepstools all together you greatly reduce your risk. 

And if it’s not possible to live on one level, make sure the stairs are clear, well light and the handrail is sturdy.

Light It Up

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I don’t trust night lights enough to get you safely through the house. Make sure every room and hallway is well light. With easy access to switches and lamps.

And you should never see any electrical cords on any floor, make sure they are tucked away.

And finally, in the kitchen, keep everything you need at a level that you can reach without a stepstool.

I hope this helps prevent a fall. But if you do fall, please come in for a free consult to see if we can help rehabilitate your balance after the fall.

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