Arm Pain Non-Surgical Drug-Free Relief For Most Causes

Posted in Upper Extremities on Jan 19, 2022

Arm Pain Types

 When arm pain sets in, it often sets in hard. Arm pain is a common complaint that affects people frequently. It can come from a joint sprain, repetitive strain injuries, tendonitis and bursitis, or a nerve impingement. In this article we expose common causes of arm pain.

Arthritis Pain From Joint Inflammation

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Arthritis is another possible cause of arm pain. The two main types of arthritis that affect joints throughout the body are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. They have similar symptoms but different causes and ways they damage the body. Osteoarthritis being abnormal wear-and-tear type arthritis where your joints degenerate over time due to repetitive stress and strain whereas rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation around the joint.

The arm pain felt with this disease comes from the joints in the arm becoming inflamed and swollen, making it difficult for them to move or function properly. Muscles can atrophy when not used so they need stimulation in order to stay strong. Lack of arm movement creates weaker arm muscles and osteoarthritis as well. Another effect of rheumatic arthritis is called enthesopathy, which is inflammation around tendons. This can cause arm pain that makes simple tasks like combing hair become difficult due to stiffness and arm pain.

Tendinitis - Pain From Connective Tissue

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Tendons connect the meaty part of the muscle to a bone. Tendons are dense and cordlike so blood vessels can not penetrate them, making them more difficult to heal.

Tendinitis, particularly tennis and golfer’s elbow, are common arm pain symptoms that can be felt in either arm or both arms. They occur when the tendons of your forearm muscles become swollen and inflamed from overuse which makes it difficult to move your arm without arm pain. They are most commonly caused by repetitive hand actions such as holding a computer mouse too long each day for work or playing an instrument very often. And, of course the sports they are named after. Arm ache from tendonitis is typically worsened with movement or activity because it stretches the irritated tendons.

Bursitis - Pain From A Tendon Cushion

Bursae are benign cysts that automatically form to cushion tendons from damaging strain.

Bursitis is another common arm pain that happens when the soft tissues surrounding the bones in your arm become inflamed. This can make arm movement difficult due to stiffness, and joint swelling. Bursitis is commonly experienced by people who work at their computer all day.

Hypertrophy - Arm Pain From Overtrain / Overuse

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Arm muscles aches are typically felt after exercise because they use these muscles often. Arm muscle aches tend to be localized arm pain felt only in the arm muscles that are exercised because they are typically experienced after arm aches from overuse.

Fatigue - Pain Caused From Exhaustion

The medical term for these arm muscle aches is called arm fatigue. This happens due to an arm pump which is blood pooling in your arm veins which forces nutrients and oxygen out of your muscles, creating arm exhaustion. An arm pump can happen when you use your arms too much during exercise or doing repetitive actions with them like typing on a computer all day or playing video games.

If arm muscles are being used too often, it can lead to arm fatigue, arm irritation, or arm strain which are all part of overuse. They are similar in that they are common causes of arm pain. Furthermore, you might also feel arm ache from muscle spasm or muscle tension because your arm muscles tightened up due to stress, anxiety, or other emotional factors.

If there are other symptoms such as arm swelling, arm numbness, arm tingling, chest pain, arm weakness, shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain, jaw pain (jaw also uses these muscles), headache, then it might be arm pain caused by something other than arm muscles aches.

Cramp - (Muscle Attack)

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Arm cramping is another type of body ache where you experience sudden arm pain followed by arm weakness and then the pain gradually subsides. Arm cramps are painful but typically not due to an underlying condition. This means that nothing is wrong with your arm muscles, you just experience a sharp but passing arm pain when your arm muscles cramp up. Arm cramps are most common at night when you are lying in bed because arm aches from arm fatigue might come on slowly during the day, but it is very noticeable when they strike suddenly at night.

Aches - Pain From Many Causes

Arm fatigue, arm muscle aches, overuse, arm strain or arm irritation can happen to anyone. However, there are certain conditions that cause arm pain more often in some people than in others. This includes arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve impingement, rotator cuff tear, hypertrophy, tennis elbow (elbow tendinitis). Conditions such as psoriasis and fibromyalgia also come with arm pain.

Arm muscle aches are the most common type of arm pain, but they are often caused by other arm conditions. However, arm fatigue or arm ache from overuse is not considered a medical condition and does not require you to see a doctor. In order to prevent arm muscles aches, use your arms in a balanced manner during exercise and throughout the day at work or school. If arm muscles aches persist even after taking these precautions, then you should seek out help from a medical professional to determine what other arm condition might be causing it.

Radiculopathy - Arm Pain From A Neck Injury

On the other end of the spectrum, there are arm aches caused by nerve impingement. This can be caused by conditions such as cervical radiculopathy where a herniated disc in your neck presses on a nerve causing arm pain, arm weakness, and arm numbness.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Pain From Nerve Irritation

Another common cause of arm pain is carpal tunnel syndrome. It is caused by pressure on the median nerve that runs through your wrist to your arm fingertips. This pressure causes numbness in one or both hands, but can also lead to muscle weakness, which makes hand movement difficult.

Both Nerve Impingements Require Professional Help

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