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Posted in Chiropractic on Jun 17, 2022


 When you do a search for a chiropractor near me, it is important to consider a few things.

First, and most importantly you want a chiropractor who is experienced and has a good reputation.

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Second, you want to find a chiropractor who offers the services that you need.

Third, you want to find a chiropractor who is convenient for you.

Lastly, you want to find a chiropractor who is affordable for you.

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Of course, there are exceptions, and we’ll get to that in just a bit. But first I’d like to share the inspiration for this article.

My wife, our three Pomeranians, and I went RV camping by the ocean, to beat the heat last weekend. And on the second night there, we wound up around the campfire with half a dozen reverse snowbirds. A group of retirees from places like Arizona and Palm Desert flock to the sea for the hottest months of summer.

After about an hour of small talk one gentleman, Larry, sat next to me and wanted to ask me some questions about chiropractic. I didn’t know what to expect because after thirty years, you hear just about everything people think about chiropractic, but like the gameshow Jeopardy it usually comes in the form of a question.

Chiropractic Jeopardy

He started off with the familiar, “I’ve been going to chiropractors my whole life.”

“GOOD!” I replied.

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Then he loosened up a little more and said, “but for the past few years, any chiropractor I go to does the same thing.”

What’s that? I asked. And I could feel a change in his emotional state.

He said, “When I was a child, if you went to a chiropractor, they’d feel your back and neck. And if they found a problem, they’d take an x-ray and show it to you. Then they’d lay you down and push on your back or neck where the problem was.”

He was talking my talk and both of our body languages started to sync up.

“EXACTLY!” I said smiling and nodding.

Then it felt like we were like a couple of seasoned war veterans sharing the good old days.

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“But now, they (chiropractors) don’t even feel your back or take an x-ray… They just want to twist your back and neck every time. Last time I went I was so much worse afterwards, for several days. I don’t like taking medication, but I had to.” Larry was more disappointed than outraged.

I thanked him for sharing and said, “Larry I’m sorry you can’t find a good chiropractor anymore.

I went back to school to try to teach what you love about chiropractic to new chiropractors, but something has changed in education since I was a student and it’s not for the better.”

Most chiropractic schools now teach that you shouldn’t take an x-ray unless you suspect disease or fracture. Because spinal misalignment... does not exist?!? 

And if spinal misalignment doesn’t exist there’s no point in trying to feel it, find it, or fix it, just twist the low back and neck in both directions on every patient, every time because that provides temporary relief (sometimes) and that’s all people really want anyway.

But I know there are people like Larry who know better about chiropractic than that. And I know that there are good chiropractors out there, but just like everything else these days, good ones are hard to find.

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How to find a good chiropractor near me

If you want anything other than a hot pack, back crack, "want some 'stim with that?"

Then you may need to do a little searching beyond Dr. Facebook and the first ten ads on Google.

First, read the reviews, examine the website, look for the experience and result you want.

And beware the $49 NEW PATIENT SPECIAL from a chiropractor that takes your insurance... But turns into a $3500 sales presentation. Or the one-minute smile and a handshake “consultation”. Because that will be the most amount of personal attention you ever get from that doctor.

If you are asking for Upper Cervical and they say "oh yeah we do that too". Be skeptical, and ask for post-graduate certification credentials. Trust but verify. If they lie about that, they probably lie about everything else too.

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And if they want to sell you on x-ray, ask to see some pre and post care x-ray studies. It can be done while protecting patient identity. (HIIPA compliant)


1 Spinal misalignment does exist.

Advanced articular (joint) imaging studies (CT scan) can measure individual joint misalignment.

2 It’s not just a muscle spasm.

Muscle spasm is often found with spinal misalignment. But a spasm can only last for years if the joints, and nerves controlling that muscle are misaligned and irritated.

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Muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medication do not realign the joint. So the spasm and pain may go away but joint arthritis damage continues to advance.

And arthritis in neck joints is linked to causing measurable brain damage.

3 And good chiropractic care can improve spinal alignment.

By specifically mobilizing misaligned spinal joints, the chiropractic adjustment relieves pain, relaxes associated spasm, and improves joint function, halting and in some cases, reversing the arthritic changes that cause brain damage.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

Chiropractor in Santa Clarita

By the way, you don’t always need an x-ray to measure spinal misalignment or correction. An advanced Alignment, Balance, and Coordination evaluation is currently under development and review.

But chiropractic only works if you get adjusted.

So, find a chiropractor who is convenient for you. If you both have the same work hours, or the doctor isn’t within ten miles of work or home, it’s probably not going to be easy to keep your appointments. Larry wanted to drive two hours one way to come see me. But that’s not most people.

Lastly, you want to find a chiropractor who is affordable to you. Notice I didn’t say one that takes your insurance.

The sad reality is that even premium insurance companies now hide the fact that they have very limited chiropractic coverage managed by a secondary company.

So even if you have “good” insurance, your chiropractic care is HMO. And it doesn’t really matter if an HMO chiropractor has no copay, if you get the same twist and crack that everyone else does, every time, for every condition... Maybe even making you worse, like Larry experienced.

This office bills the insurance company for you, and if they cover anything, they send a check to you directly. Payment of $79 is due here at time of service.

When you do a search for a chiropractor near me, it’s important to consider experience, reviews, convenience, and value. By considering these factors, you can feel more comfortable about getting the best care when searching for chiropractor near me.




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