Chronic Pain Resolution

Posted in Body Pain Disorders Functional Medicine on Dec 20, 2022

Do you have chronic pain?

If you do, you’re not alone, according to a recent Harris poll, more than half of American adults have chronic pain (pain for more than three months). [1]

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And that chronic pain interferes with the daily activities of most of them, too. The most common pain is in the lower back. Causing additional stress, anxiety, and loss of sleep.

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Daily Pain?

Most of those suffering from daily pain, don’t even know what kind of doctor could help them. Because many are forced to find answers outside of their doctors’ recommendations. [2]

Most (9 out of 10) people still turn to medication first, but now more than ever, (8 out of 10) also want drug-free answers to chronic pain relief.

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Of course, free home therapies are most popular, including some form of exercise, ice, heat, and diet.

Sadly, manual therapy, which has the best chance of rehabilitating the cause of most chronic pain is the least popular choice (1 out of 10). 

Serious Pain

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Four out of five people say that their doctors don’t take their pain seriously. 

And that their quality of life would greatly improve if they could get help with their chronic pain. Wanting help with diet, exercise, and home therapy, only one in five would even consider narcotics as an option.

Most would pay for physical therapy if it could give them lasting relief.

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But the tragically outdated standard physical therapy practice of hot pack, muscle stim, and some token exercise, rarely provides anything more than temporary relief.

There are proven strategies to get rid of chronic pain. 

The Fast Relief Trap

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More pharmaceutical treatments for chronic pain are sold in American than in any other country. These include, NSAIDs, steroids, gabapentinoids, opioids and psychiatric medications. The goal of pain management is to numb the pain.

Patients who are in severe pain need the relief that these drugs can provide, even if it is only temporary or incomplete. However, when the only goal is only to numb the pain, the treatment will always be less than ideal, and recovery rarely, if ever occurs.

Because pain is like when the smoke detector goes off. It's your body's way of telling you that something is wrong. You can't take the battery out of the smoke detector and expect the fire to go away. You can’t just numb the pain and expect the problem to go away.

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Chiropractic Telehealth

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Pain Medicine

As the gatekeepers of serious pain medication, you expect that when you ask your doctor about your pain, that they have the best answer for you. But the truth may surprise you.

American Medical students receive very little formal pain education and what they do get is disjointed. We need more comprehensive and integrated pain education in our medical schools. Nearly all the doctor’s pain management education comes from the drugmaker’s sales representative. [3]

Ask Your Doctor?

Most doctors who people see for regular checkups are not comfortable treating patients with chronic pain. Surveyed doctors claim that if they had more unbiased education, they would feel better about managing patients in chronic pain. [4]

Chronic pain is something that a lot of people who go to the doctor complain about. But both patients and doctors are not very happy with the way chronic pain is usually treated. Too often, patients suffering from chronic pain are made to feel as if they're untrustworthy or their symptoms aren't important.

Integrative Medicine

Using integrative approaches in patient care, like the chronic disease management model, may improve satisfaction among patients and providers caring for chronic pain. [5] 

Though chronic pain is usually caused by things that medicine can't help, there are still things you can do for yourself to ease the discomfort. Simple daily actions could get rid of most chronic pain, disease, and expensive medical bills. [6]


Guide to Self-Care is available on Amazon Kindle. It’s an easy read with step-by-step instructions on how to get more restful sleep, time efficient exercise, effective stress management and personalized nutrition.

Guide to Self-Care

Healthcare and Health

Although you may follow all the necessary precautions, the CDC still recommends regular checkups. Why? Because we can all use some help from time to time - especially when it comes to health. Unfortunately, the type of help we need is often a well-hidden secret.

The reason that health is not marketed as much as emergency relief is because there's no money or drama in it. Therefore, true healthcare becomes a tough sell without a large profit margin to drive omnipresent marketing.

Often, people only begin to take care of themselves after they experience a serious illness or injury, hit a milestone birthday, or start the new year. More on getting those resolutions to work in just a bit.

Many doctors misunderstand chronic pain and its underlying causes. Misdiagnosis and mistreatment are common in pain management.

More information on proven drug free, non-surgical options for lasting pain relief are found in these related articles:

New Year’s Resolutions

According to Statista’s recent survey (November 2022) more than half of American adults want to exercise more and eat better. About 40% want to lose weight, save money, and spend more time with family and friends. [7]

About 20% want to spend less time on social media, reduce stress and spending, improve performance, and quit smoking.

But only 20% will follow through with their New Year’s resolutions. [8]

Probably that same 20% that quit social media. ;)

How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

It is essential to know your goal. What are you trying to sell yourself? 

I pledge to lose 20 pounds of fat by May 20th.To do this, I will reduce my daily intake of fats and carbs by 250 calories, (dairy and grains) 

And add an extra 250 daily calories of exercise.” (20-minute fast walk)

Has a better chance of success than: 

“I’m going to eat better, lose weight and exercise more.”

No two people are exactly alike, so it's natural that not every health solution will work the same for everyone. However, if you listen to your body and pay attention to subtle changes, it becomes easier to adjust as needed and get yourself back on track.

By the way, we provide dozens of customizable online diet and exercise courses.

In addition, you can increase your likelihood of success by having a strong emotional reason (or "why"). And even more self control over guaranteed distractions when both positive and negative consequences are used as motivation. 

“Because I want more energy to share with my family and friends. Becoming a role model of health for the people I care most about.

So when they need me the most, I can and have the most to give.

And YES I deserve to feel and look amazing for my effort.”

Has a better chance of success than:

“Because I’m fat.”

If you need help with lasting relief from chronic pain or just want some help with a New Year’s Resolution Reboot. 

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