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Posted in Chiropractic on Nov 21, 2021

Best Local Chiropractors

The most important question comes down to can any chiropractor give you what you need. Many popular chiropractors near me think they can help everyone, with every condition, by twisting and cracking their spine. And like most of my medical colleagues and most patients that seems crazy.

So too many chiropractors spend a lot of time and money cultivating likeability hoping that most people won’t mind the totally unnatural twisting and cracking.

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So, when searching for a trusted chiropractor, with the skills needed to help you get better…

You may need to read between the lines of slick marketing and popularity contests to see if that chiropractor has helped other people like you, with a condition like yours.

Why ask Dr. Facebook and Yelp may not help.

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Facebook has always been a popularity contest. While it provides an amazing service of staying in touch with distant friends… It may not be the best place to exchange medical advice. And endorsements like “the best” can hardly be believed when everyone claims that their current chiropractor is “the best” without any objective measurement.

Also Yelp skews towards most people who want to see a few negative reviews to help balance their opinion. But many of the most talented people in the world lack five-star social skills. So, are positive reviews about life changing experiences or how charming the doctor was? And are negative reviews about physical harm? Or just hurt feelings? But if you trust Yelp anyway be sure to look at the unrecommended reviews too.

I love anecdotes and trust authentic reviews as much as any double blinded randomized control peer reviewed published study.

But I only value reviews from identifiable people that I could reach out to if necessary.

That being said, I have been approached by local media in the past to pay for advertising that would in turn give me the voted most popular distinction. Also, unknown to Yelp, I was approached by an individual who would deliver reviews for $50 each. So please, look for authenticity and content in any review.

WebMD and Healthgrades

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A better way to search for the best chiropractor near me is with a medical online search engine such as WebMD or Healthgrades. These services specialize in rating doctors skills, experience and results, instead of just reporting on their popularity and charm.

Finding Better Local Chiropractors on Google

You may just say hey google "find a chiropractor near me". Google still provides the most extensive search engine. But please read the reviews instead of just looking at the top five or ten paid ads.

Look for review authenticity in the patient’s experience beyond niceties. Did the patient have a similar condition as you and did they really get better? How many other kinds of treatments did they try before their life changing chiropractic experience? What set that chiropractor apart from every other chiropractor in town? Why would they bring their children and parents to that chiropractor?

How Much Is A Visit?

Finding the best local chiropractor may not be easy but a little extra effort up front could mean the difference between getting worse or better. As insurance rates become increasingly obscene, your healthcare should never be based on the lowest copay. Please use coupons and lowest prices on anything but your health.

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Experienced, trusted chiropractors charge between $50-$200 per session depending on services provided and practice location. Some of that fee might be reimbursed by better insurance policies.

Cases typically range from five to twenty-five treatments, and many chiropractors now only accept patients willing commit to a treatment plan. Because patients who get the best results follow the doctor’s prescription instead of just seeing how it goes visit to visit.

What To Expect From A Better Chiropractor

The most popular choice can’t fix anything if no one’s paying attention. A good doctor listens, measures, tests, treats and then listens, measures and tests again. To refine the treatment based on that patient and their unique needs. That’s good science applied to healthcare.

But any approach that pushes the same thing on everyone, regardless of age, body type, medical history… is Bad Science. And to do it over and over again without listening, measuring or retesting is bad medicine. No matter how popular. Because even if it’s free, that’s no bargain.

And has little if any chance of helping anyone get better. Maybe dependent, but never better.

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As mentioned above measurable results can never be promised in advance but should be the standard of whether anyone really deserves the endorsement of “The BEST!” chiropractor near me.

Luke Hawkins (

My lifestyle, which compels me to sit down for eight hours each day, is what caused me to acquire significant backache. I've been considering calling a chiropractor to help keep this issue under control, so I went online to look for one. I now understand that in order to determine whether a provider has the requisite skills to address my issue, I should look at its Google ratings and previous customers' feedback. This is a terrific advice, and I'll make sure to keep in mind to check it before starting my first treatment session. Thanks.

Luke Hawkins (

I have been seeking for a chiropractor to help me with my back pain since I work in a desk-bound environment. I landed here while doing an online search. It's fantastic that you mentioned reading internet reviews and client comments to determine a certain chiropractor's level of expertise so that we can be confident they'll perform outstanding treatment. This is a great advice, and before picking a chiropractor, I'll make sure to read the online testimonials on independent sources. Thanks.

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