Golf Swing Fault Fixes

Golfing Pain Free

What if you could drive further without wincing? Practice putting as long as you like, finish a round without paying for it with pain and stiffness in the elbows, shoulders, back, hips and knees. Making golf feel good again can’t hurt your score either.

My Pain Free Golf Experience

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I’ll never be a golf pro and that’s fine by me. I like golf but I was never obsessed. Golf used to hurt too much when I should have been practicing. I was DONE putting after just an hour.

Also, I gave away too much power in my drive because of all my injury induced swing faults.

But instead of creating all the pain work arounds, I backed away for decades. But now in my fifties, I play pain free golf, admittedly not well, but I enjoy it. Maybe even more than some people who are obsessed. Because for me golf will always be a game. Fun. Especially when I can play all day if I want to.

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Back Pain Head to Toe

Back Pain Head to Toe

Oct 30, 2015

Fortunately, in tenth grade, while testing for medical school, I found functional medicine. Back in the eighties it was just called chiropractic. But I was doubly blessed since this chiropractor had specialized training. There was no twisting or cracking involved. Finally, within the first year of therapy, not one treatment, I was pain and drug free for the first time in my life.

Most Doctors Agree

The American College of Physicians is a fellowship of over 30,000 medical doctors that recommends guidelines to help clinicians treat their patients effectively. They recently made the recommendation to avoid narcotic pain medication and surgery if possible. Instead, they advocate non-invasive therapies, as long as the patient responds to treatment.

Those recommendations unfortunately went largely disregarded by most hospital administrators, medical schools, insurance and drug companies. So, if you want anything other than a pill or a shot, and a referral for more tests or surgery, you'll have to go outside the system.

While insurance premiums continue to rise, coverage continues to shrink. And the real cost of crisis and pain management "healthcare" is a loss of productivity and Quality of Life. Plus, the whole world has seen the true cost of emergency care over the past two years.

Still, you might think, “I'm too busy to try anything other than a pill, shot or surgery. Everything else is just pseudoscience anyway.”

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Got Sciatica

Got Sciatica

Aug 23, 2022

Even though massive studies show that non-invasive treatments are less expensive, simpler, and considerably safer than pain management. Plus, functional medicine is significantly better at improving Quality of Life! Saving a lot of time, money, and potential problems by avoiding many unnecessary drug side-effects and surgical complications.


I've been free from joint, muscle, nerve pain and medicine for over thirty-eight years with just a few minutes of self-care exercise every day and cautious eating. Even after suffering several new injuries that required me to find new cutting-edge, non-invasive treatment options.

Results vary. But you can search Dr. Thomas Polucki on Google, Healthgrades, or WebMD to read what some of our clients have to say about their experience with us. Here’s how they did it.


Have a real conversation with the doctor. Set specific objectives and measurable outcomes that you and the doctor can agree on. And once in agreement, make a step-by-step plan to golf pain free.

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How Could Upper Cervical Chiropractic Help Back Pain

How Could Upper Cervical Chiropractic Help Back Pain

Sep 24, 2021
Quantified Functional Exam

The cost of a quantified functional evaluation at most specialists' offices runs into the thousands of dollars. But here, we feel the painful joints and muscles, assess three-dimensional body posture, dynamic balance, and system coordination. To help determine your best treatment options. It can also expose the real reason for swing faults.


Treatment Sampler

Our quick and easy approach to assisted stretch, medical massage, and no-twist or crack chiropractic adjustment may take hours in three different offices and cost hundreds of dollars. But now, you can receive all three's benefits in one stop, and it takes only 10 minutes. And for a limited time that’s all included in the $79 reservation fee.

5 Day Anti-inflammatory Diet Plan

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Golfers Injuries Symptoms Treatment and Prevention

Golfers Injuries Symptoms Treatment and Prevention

Jan 06, 2022

Quick, Easy and Delicious... These online recipes are the best tasting medicine you ever tried. Indigestion, joint pain, muscle pain and nerve pain can be relieved without drugs. In just a few days, you could notice feeling lighter, moving easier, and with less pain.

5 Day Stretch Challenge

These Quick and Easy Stretching online classes, give you an unfair advantage on the green. We walk you through each move one by one, and in only a few minutes per day, anyplace, anytime, you may stretch your healthcare dollar further.

Summing Up

The office normally charges $671 for these services and comparable treatments would cost many times that, anywhere else. However, it's still worth every penny to wake up feeling great, full of energy, moving through your day pain-free, or side effects free. And maybe even avoid the risk of surgery from ongoing degeneration that, even with the best pain management gets totally ignored. But most importantly golfing pain free.


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Low Back Pain Fix

Low Back Pain Fix

Oct 07, 2015

No doctor can promise results. And I'm not going to try. However, if we decide that you’re not a good candidate for care, we don’t go past the consultation and will refund your $79 reservation fee. But no-show appointments are not refunded. So only request an appointment if you are ready. Fair enough?

Internet, insurance, and government restrictions change with little and no notice. This blog, its materials and offers may be removed without notice at any time. So request your appointment now. Haven’t you already suffered enough?


What’s Next

When you enter your contact information (never shared, federally protected) in the Request Appointment form and click the submit button, our friendly scheduler will contact you as soon as possible. Confirming your appointment with a $79 reservation fee that holds your appointment and may be applied to the services listed above in this limited time special offer.

Once you submit the form, you will then receive the HIPAA compliant request, on a secure link, to share the health information necessary to make your visit quick and easy. Once that information is uploaded, your appointment is confirmed.

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Severe Sciatica Relief

Severe Sciatica Relief

Mar 29, 2016

Limited Time Offer

To get your guaranteed consult, and if we can accept your case, your functional examination. Plus, if you Request Appointment Now, you also get the assisted stretch, medical massage, no twist, or crack chiropractic adjustment specific treatment package. And the five-day online pain-relieving diet and stretch classes. A total value of $671 for just the $79 reservation fee.

If we discover, during the consultation that we can’t accept your case, you get your $79 reservation fee back, and you get to keep the online diet and stretch program. A $98 value just for letting us see if we can help you.

But we may be forced to remove this offer at any time. So, Request Appointment Now!

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