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Prevention Talk Cheap and Undervalued

 Much like reality TV and insane chiropractic viral videos there’s a lot of buzz on preventative healthcare.

When it comes to the former, lots of people want to see a car wreck but nobody wants to be in one. And prevention is on the other swing of the pendulum. Everybody knows they should do it, but few people will eat right, exercise enough, or go to bed at a reasonable time.

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Much less pay somebody to make sure that they are doing everything they can to stay healthy. *Even though massive studies show a 14-1 return on investment for preventative health care.

Prevention Not For Everyone

When it comes to lifestyle medicine self-care there are three kinds of people. As a caring doctor I used to try to help all three and it took me almost 30 years of practice to realize that no matter what, I can’t help one type of patient.

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Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Jul 12, 2022

Every negative yelp review I ever got was trying to convince one of these people that they should take better care of themselves. So now I don’t even let them near my good patients.

These people like their beer and pizza or wine and cheese too much. They love their late-nights and consider themselves night owls so, they never get up early and exercise or even choose to take the stairs. They believe that doctors are just in it for the money and the government should pay for their arthritis, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, heart, and pain medications plus an occasional trip to the emergency room or back surgery. Because life‘s too short and somethings going to kill you anyway.

Were You Just Firing Up Yelp?

I'm not trying to be insulting, but I had a friend that once said, "You're programming yourself to believe that Bad Science again." He was right. It's amazing how many of our preconceptions are false. And there are so many of them! But it's all part of the process in my opinion. At times I believed all that jazz, until it hurt me a few times, eventually I learned. So I respect the beliefs of anyone still caught in that trap. And support anybody trying to work their way out of it. Because I know that their life literally depends on it.

And I agree to disagree with those who just aren’t ready yet. But I choose to invest all of my time and attention on the next two types of people.

Self-Care Anonymous

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Arthritis Can it Get Better

Arthritis Can it Get Better

Mar 02, 2022

Type one is the overachiever.

A high-end athlete, super mom, entrepreneur, performer, philanthropist who knows the value of a coach especially when everything is good. Already has a super clean diet, goes to bed early, wakes up early and works out every day. And is always looking for an edge over the competition. These are my favorite people to work with, but I must admit I am not naturally one of them. I must work very hard to keep up with this elite group.

Most of my clients are more like me. They want to be like the type one patient but naturally have some characteristics of the type three patient. They work hard and play hard and have a lot of demands on their time and money. Sometimes they need a little help remembering that their health allows them to perform and provide for the people they care about most.

So, I am always trying to find cost effective shortcuts to keep up with the overachiever elite. And share the things that I discover with my type one and two patients. Because we may not all be completely comfortable in that type one clique, but none of us accept a type three life.

Because for us prevention is more than just avoiding a premature death or even a costly illness. It’s about working as smart and hard as we want to, so we have the time and energy to play with and care for the people we love.

Back to Normal?

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Chronic Fatigue Relief with Holistic Chiropractor | Dr. Thomas Polucki

Jan 13, 2022

The past few years challenged all of us. Many type three people did not survive. Even some type two people were lost. But those of us who were able to maintain our sanity became even more dedicated to prevention lifestyle medicine and self-care.

I had to look hard at some of my remaining type three habits. And as a result, I quit six wine clubs and rarely go out to eat anymore. Most of the time I’m asleep before 10 PM and awake before 5 AM to walk the dogs and do my no excuses workout routine.

Breakfast is almost always a salad in a blender and a protein shake. Lunch is usually a salad. And as much as possible supper is soup.

Chiropractor Near Me

My Chiropractor moved out of state, so I had to really step up my physical medicine self-care routine. Because now when I need an adjustment I must get on an airplane. And flying is more stressful than ever.

So, I continue to evolve my self-care protocols and share them with my type one and two patients. Even if I never get to physically meet them. One of the silver linings of the past few years, has been an unprecedented acceptance of telemedicine and telehealth services, most of which promote self-care. And now, for a fraction of the price of a consultation, you can get some of the best cheat codes to keep up with the elite healthy.

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