Weight loss at home over fifty

Posted in Weight Loss on Dec 14, 2021

Seven uncommon tips to help make uncommon weight loss real.

Is it just me or is it harder to lose weight than ever before. Sure there’s any number of excuses. these past two years have been insane for almost everyone on the planet. But I made a choice by March of 2020 not to use that as an excuse and actually got down close to high school weight just this past summer.

But then I had to focus on getting back to business. literally working around the clock, in front of a computer, for the past six months. Plus a few new injuries made it nearly impossible to exercise normally. And 30 pounds later I’m almost at my worst body composition ever.

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How to transform your body in just six months

So quick recap: Just six months ago I was running a 5K every day with 30 push-ups, 30 pull ups, 30 sit ups in under an hour. Plus wearing a mask through an hour of aerobic martial arts at least three nights a week. Best shape of my adult life.

But then, in just six months of doing what most people do every day… I went from nearly the best shape to almost the worst shape of my life. Scary how quick and easy that was. And all it took was sitting in front of a computer for eight hours a day. Not being able to get an hour of sweaty exercise every day. Plus food became less and less satisfying so I found myself always hungry. Plus, I was a member of four wine clubs. Yikes!

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Wine Not

The last time I let these behaviors get out of control I blew up to over 200 pounds.

But this time I’m not gonna let it get that far. Because this summer I’ll be 55. What?

And I want to return to the best shape of my life. So, I’ve got less than nine months to do it.

My most recent neck and shoulder injuries are about 80% better. But I still need to go easy on the weights for a few months or there will be no way to reach my goal by mid August. So instead of going crazy in the first couple weeks of January and risking extreme metabolic rebound and physical injury…

I’m going to cancel the wine clubs, listen to my smart watch health app, close my rings every day, and eat a lot of dry salad. Yuck! Absolutely nothing sexy about this approach except that it works and there’s nothing sexier than a fit body at any age.

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As mentioned earlier most of the extreme weight loss programs out there run high risk of metabolic rebound and physical injury. So even if you can drop 20 pounds in just a month… Very few people can maintain that. I know I can’t. Because I did it at least a dozen times. And I’m really looking forward to this being

The last weight loss program I ever do

So if you allow me I’d like to remind myself of the 7 best weight loss strategies I picked up over the past 20 years.

- Late night snacking nearly guarantees weight gain. So I’ll put in my retainer at 7 PM.

- Sleep between 10 PM and 2 AM has the most restorative effect on stress. So early to bed reduces stress eating.

- Cortisol levels are at their highest first thing in the morning so that’s the best time to work out.

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- 20 g of protein curbs most food cravings for hours. And for a vegetarian like me that’s easy enough with a shake.

- A gallon of water a day in a big bowl of organic salad keeps inflammation to a minimum and circulation, digestion, and detoxification optimized.

- Besides 10,000 steps every day, a minute of push-ups, or squats or sit ups every hour can give you 15 minutes of strenuous exercise every day. And that’s all it takes for most people to stay in great shape and help avoid all the top five killer diseases. More importantly look and feel great.

One last master class tip!

- Written goals are much more likely to get done. Daily reinforcement of your emotional why supercharges your will power. And publicly announcing your goal creates commitment for better or worse.

So here goes:

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Weight Loss Tips

Sep 19, 2014

By August 12, 2022 I will weigh no more than 157 pounds.

I will be able to do 55 pull-ups, 55 push-ups, 55 sit ups, plus run a 5K, all in under an hour.


Because that will make me look and feel great, so I can lead by example, maybe even inspire some of my fellow senior citizens to stop acting their age.

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