Weight Loss Can You Keep It Off For Good

Posted in Weight Loss Functional Medicine on Mar 7, 2022

The No Diet Diet

Imagine losing the weight you want to and keeping it off this time. Weight loss gets harder every year. And after several times on the 20-pound lost and found yo-yo diet it can be discouraging. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Because sometimes, for some people, there’s a better answer.

And it’s not some new magic pill, we all want that. But by now most of us know that’s not real.

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And fad diets with extreme exercise challenges may still convince some people who only rebounded the weight within a year once or twice. Amateurs. After a dozen rides on the weight loss rollercoaster, that pitch loses the hook.

Even stomach surgeries are no guarantee of keeping the weight off. So why bother? Wouldn’t it just be easier to embrace the fat? Most people, eventually, do exactly that.

But it’s the why bother that determines who wins the weight loss long game. Plus, it helps to have the right nutrition and exercise to support weight loss, and more importantly keeping it off.

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The Protein Fat Carbs Trap

Diet salespeople will focus on a villain. And there is some truth to it. Some people will do better with less carbs, but some wont. And most people will lose weight by staying away from fat, but that often amplifies cravings and eventually we all need some healthy fats.

Amazingly our body can convert protein into sugar and fat if it needs to. But protein heavy diets put an unsustainable stress on most people’s digestive and detoxification systems. And all rapid weight loss programs trigger a nearly unstoppable survival instinct to put the weight back on.

Stress Eating

Some people can’t eat when they’re stressed. So, they tend to stay skinny naturally. But the rest of us use food as a drug to calm us down and make us feel better. So, a lot of us gained a lot of weight over the past two years. And, for a lot of us this time it’s harder to take it off than ever before.

Rarely addressed in any “diet”, high emotional, mental stress with little exercise is a perfect formula to pack the fat on. No matter how physically fit that person started out. I know because I went from running up a mountain, literally 5 miles with a 2000-foot elevation, in the best shape of my life… To thirty-five pounds overweight (obese) in only 5 months. Just by doing what most people do, sitting in front of a computer all day, no exercise and stress eating.

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Can Obesity Get Better? Without Drugs and or Surgery?

First, obesity means about 30 pounds overweight. Now, typically measured in Body Mass Index (BMI). A ratio of height and weight, free calculators online. And we’ve all been able to drop 20 pounds in the past, some of us did a lot more. But most of put it back on, especially under stress.

What if you could learn and earn the power controlling weight, without a pill. Because even if most people our age are overweight or obese, not everybody gets fat. Is it possible that the people who don’t get fat eat differently, exercise differently, handle stress differently? What if you could have more control, less cravings, no side effects? And still lose the weight you need to.

Most every diet or weight loss plan guarantees, implies, or promises a proven system of results. And most systems will work, for a while. But there are more fat people than ever. So, lasting weight loss takes something different than the miracle pill sold on TV or your over spammed inbox.

And most of us will not stick with a prepackaged dietician’s food plan. Unfortunately, some of us won’t cook. (hardest to help)

Obesity Experience

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I already shared my most recent brush with obesity, but I already worked my BMI down to 28 over January and February. That means I dropped 8 pounds of toxic fat and 4 pounds of inflammation “water” weight. At about a pound of fat per week. The water weight goes first and will spike you a pound or two anytime you eat a food your sensitive to. That’s why it is important to watch the scale.

Sure, I have three post graduate certifications in nutrition and functional medicine. But knowledge isn’t enough. Most people don’t have the conditioned discipline to apply what they know when in crisis. So that’s when the sharks attack with their magic pill Bad Science.

But this wasn’t my first fatty-fat-fat puppet show. I get a cancellation pass on that because I’m still fat. I’ll have to stop in August when I’m back at high school weight again. While I was a university student, I topped out 45 pounds obese! And it took years of doing everything right, and wrong, with a couple of slip ups… Self-medication (food) beats knowledge and discipline every time. To get back down to high school weight. So even with discipline and knowledge, anyone can get fat. It’s easy!

But I stopped falling for the magic pill scam a long time ago. Is no medication the new medicine? We can only hope.

Frustrated With Health Care

Even though most doctors only have 40 hours of formal education on nutrition, they agree that simple lifestyle improvements could avoid most medical emergencies.

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But they’re expected to write a prescription in about 5 minutes. If they perform a surgery instead, they make about $20,000.

Sadly, most internet search engines provide more information in less than a second. Without the waiting room. But that’s not good medicine either way.


Less than an hour of self-care activity every day, as well as mostly sensible eating, usually, has kept me drug, surgery and usually fat free for over 20 years. Even with some significant injuries that forced me to find new non-invasive treatment technologies. Stopping me from most exercise for weeks at a time. But now I know that my weight loss programs work. Because they helped me first. And I’m the biggest skeptic and food addict I know.

Results vary, and we never disclose patient information. However, you may search Dr. Thomas Polucki and read some reviews to get a feeling for my patients’ experiences.

What to Expect

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Weight loss at home over fifty

Weight loss at home over fifty

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Consultation and Exam

Request an Appointment and you may finally find a step-by-step strategy to achieve your health goal. Instead of just a scale, blood pressure and temperature, we’ll measure three-dimensional body posture, dynamic balance, and system coordination. If necessary, we’ll discuss further tests to uncover your health issues' underlying causes.


Our one-stop-streamlined approach to assisted stretch, medical massage, and no twist or crack chiropractic spinal adjustments, with all the (stress management) relieving, relaxing, and restoring benefits…May take hours, in three different offices, costing hundreds of dollars anywhere else. But here, you get it all, in a ten-minute visit for just $79.

And we also provide Pulsed Electo Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy for people who can’t exercise. Low Level Near Infra-Red Laser to help empty fat cells. Medically Directed Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis), Metabolic and Bio-identical Hormone counseling. In some weight loss programs.

Online Learning

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Better Food Choices

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Free Anti-inflammatory Diet Trial

These online recipes are a fast, easy, and a delicious way to reduce overall body inflammation. Many times, cravings, indigestion, joint pain, tiredness, and cognitive fog get relieved without the use of medicine but just with better food choices instead.

Free Stretching Program Trial

Regardless of your work or play, these online stretches can help you move through your day with less pain. We show you, step by step, in just a few minutes every day. To help stretch your healthcare dollar further.

What You Get

These services should cost $671 in our office. Similar services cost several times more anywhere else. Even then they’re still worth every penny… If you wake up feeling great, full of energy and move through your days painlessly with clear thinking. So you can get back to a healthy weight.

You can have a plan to get and stay better. But you must work the plan. So your goal MUST be a MUST. 


No doctor can guarantee anything. And I don’t. But we don't go any further if we are not confident that we can help you lose weight without side-effects during the consultation. And if your goal is a must, and realistic, we usually can help.

Those who are not ready to work with us, get their $79 reservation fee back. But keep the online anti-inflammatory diet and stretches, just for letting us see if we can help you.

Notice of Changes

We understand that emergencies happen. But no-show appointments will be charged. So only make an appointment if you are really prepared to attend.

Internet, insurance, and government policies change with little or no notice. We may be forced to take down this post, its contents and offers with no notice.

So if you are ready, your goal is a must, and it's realistic... Request your Appointment Now! Haven’t you already suffered enough?

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First, submit your contact information (never shared, federally protected) in the Request Appointment form and click the submit button. Then our courteous scheduler will call you.

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If your insurance covers a portion of our services, we will submit claims for you, and they pay you directly. Future visits are just $79 and plans of care can only be determined after, consultation, examination and treatment response get evaluated. There is never a pre-packaged, one size fits all answer to any health condition.

Get your guaranteed consultation now, and if we can accept your case, your functional examination. For just $79. And if you Make an Appointment RIGHT NOW. You also receive a medical massage, assisted stretch, and no twist or crack chiropractic adjustment treatments. Plus, the Five-Day online access to the Anti-inflammatory Diet and Stretch classes. All, right now, for just $79.

But we may be forced to remove this offer at any time. So, Request Your Appointment Now.

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