Weight Loss New Years Resolution

Posted in Weight Loss Functional Medicine on Dec 30, 2021

Why Did You Choose a New Year's Resolution of Diet & Exercise? 

I’m about to share an easier way to lose twenty pounds and more importantly keep it off, more on that in just a minute.

Looking for a fresh start in the new year? One that will give you a new chance to achieve your goals. Whether it’s losing weight, quitting vaping, or anything else, people set out with the best of intentions this time of year.

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But most people cannot maintain their resolutions for long periods of time. There are many reasons why someone may stop following through on their resolutions once they have made them. But there are certain steps you can take to make sure your resolution is successful and maintains its momentum all throughout 2022!

If you’re like most people, at least one of your New Years Resolutions will include losing twenty pounds. So you already may have chosen a gym, personal trainer, diet trend to make your 2022 dreams come true.

But. Can I ask? How’d that work for you in the past? Don’t get mad at me, but please don’t torture yourself for a couple weeks or months just so you can get injured or metabolically damaged. And put those twenty pounds back on with interest.

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Holiday Pain Free Diet

Holiday Pain Free Diet

Nov 21, 2022

Exercise and Diet For Weight Loss or for Health

We all know that restricting calories and increasing exercise is the magic formula for weight loss. Right?

But just like all temporary symptom relief approaches to health, the results rarely last. Especially when it’s some extreme boot camp biggest loser challenge ridiculousness.

Like most real things in life, moderation is key and persistence beats the Hollywood secret miracle blah blah blah every time. Keeping a regular exercise routine is a great way to get healthy and lose weight. It will keep you feeling energized and motivated throughout the day, not mention the health benefits it provides!

And a few uncommon sense diet tips make fad diets and weight loss resolutions so 2021. The first step towards achieving your weight loss goal is understanding that it is not about reaching failure or giving up on everything you love to do - it’s about making healthy choices and living a healthier life.

Avoiding Another Diet

That being said, it’s hard to lose weight if wine, dine and conversation makes up most of your social activity. Or if sports means a pizza and beer on the couch, in front of the television for the big game. So if those are your passions, ANY weight loss program will disappoint.

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Sugar Shock Season Survival Guide

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We no longer entertain weight loss clients who come in with a list of things they refuse to give up.

“I want to lose thirty pounds before my trip in six weeks, but I’m not going to give up my wine” actual consultation.

Or, if I ask “Can you give up pizza?” and they respond “For how long?” I know they are not ready yet.

And that may seem extreme to anyone who is not ready to permanently lose weight yet. Because we’re used to hearing what we want. Like: It’s their fault. Trust the new and improved “science”. Everyone else already agrees.

And my personal favorite…You are not enough.

And when you see and hear those lies enough, you start to believe that Bad Science. But I rode the twenty-pound lost and found roller coaster one too many times to buy another ticket. And anyone serious about weight loss must feel the same way.

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Fat Burning Diet

Fat Burning Diet

Jan 03, 2015

Because skinny people think, feel, and do different things than fat people do.

And I can use those taboo words because I’m both, skinny and fat, just like most people. I’m fat when I act like everyone else, with a "couple" of glasses of wine a night, eating out for several meals a week and sitting in front of the computer like right now, too much.

And I’m skinny when I follow three simple rules.

And you don’t have to give me your email (spam)

or sign up for a virtual weight loss summit (sales presentation) to find out.

The 3 Simple Permanent Weight Loss Rules

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Liposuction Alternative in Santa Clarita Clinique

Feb 15, 2019

1) 1 Shake-Salad-Soup Equals Total Daily Food = 1000-1500 nutritious calories daily

Careful, most restaurants now use MSG on salads and soups.

2) 2 Minutes of Exercise Every Hour (Nothing Too Strenuous) = 32 minutes mild to moderate daily

3) 3 Stand Up For 5 Minutes (every 20 minutes) While Working Every Hour = eliminates two hours of sitting every workday

And if you want the masterclass tips on how to supercharge the diet and exercise (1-2) schedule a free weight loss consultation.

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