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Posted in Chiropractic Weight Loss Functional Medicine on Mar 5, 2023

Weight Loss Mission Impossible?

Want to know why the latest trending diet works for everyone else, but you still struggle to keep the weight off for more than a few months? No matter what!

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I’ve been battling weight loss, my whole adult life. I was a skinny kid. But then my thyroid started failing, and a leaky gut from antibiotics threw my hormones into a tailspin.

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Non-Toxic Health Care

Apr 03, 2016

And no matter how many times I did an extreme weight loss challenge. I couldn’t keep the weight off for more than a few months. And that lead to the most common yo-yo diet eating disorder. [1]

Does that sound familiar to you? We should talk.

Trust the science?

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Chiropractic For Children

Chiropractic For Children

Dec 15, 2015

You can keep the weight off when you know why everything about weight loss isn’t easy for you. First, know that you are not alone. Just look around, most people are getting fatter.

Even with no shortage of best-selling expert opinions on why. 

How to Diet and Exercise for Weight Loss is big business.

When you know, after a lot of experience, like I learned, that it’s NOT just a calorie count, no carb, no fat, Hollywood Secret miracle pill… Everyone secretly wants the ice cream diet.

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Chiropractic Education

Chiropractic Education

Oct 03, 2015

That realization can either free you or totally demotivate you.

And that’s why so many people just accept that they’re fat and that’s that.

“Gotta die from sumpn.” Right?

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Chiropractic Care Cost Effective Healthcare

Chiropractic Care Cost Effective Healthcare

Oct 02, 2015

Are You Ready?

Sure, I can show you how to naturally optimize your hormone profile, heal your gut, figure out your best functional foods, [2] the cautious evaluation and management of nutraceuticals, [3]

spend as little time as possible exercising pain free as possible [4] and share the best kept secret in stress management to make lasting weight loss possible. [5]

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Labor Day 130

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But not if you think it’s easier just to get a prescription for Ozempic or HCG, get lipo, a lapband, some electric shock muscle stim, a coat rack, I mean home exercise equipment, maybe some acupuncture and a membership to go stand in the cold…

Like I said you’re pain and suffering over weight loss will be exploited. Until you take control.

Overweight Causes

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Shoulder Pain Relief in Santa Clarita | Santa Clarita Chiropractor

Jan 09, 2023

There is a better way to keep the weight off and I can show why dieting will always fail you.  Most people believe they just need to eat less and move more. But that’s not always the case—especially if you have an underlying condition that’s making it hard to lose weight.

If you have an underactive thyroid, for example, no amount of dieting or exercise will help you lose weight—or keep it off—until you get your thyroid hormone levels under control.

And, in most cases, that doesn’t mean a lifelong levothyroxine prescription. [6]

The same goes for insulin resistance, which is when your body can’t properly process sugar. If you have insulin resistance, eating a sugary food can cause your blood sugar to spike, which can lead to cravings and overeating later on. [7]

Plus, there’s leaky gut syndrome, which is when the lining of your intestines gets damaged, causing toxins and bacteria to leak into your bloodstream. This can lead to inflammation throughout your body—including in your fat cells—which makes it harder to lose weight. [8]

The connection between stress and obesity is well established. But few people, even chiropractors, know a post graduate certification chiropractic technique that instantly and measurably reduces stress without any twisting or cracking. [9] [10]

All of these conditions are common—but they’re often undiagnosed because most doctors don’t test for them unless you have specific symptoms (like an underactive thyroid).

That’s why it’s important to work with a functional medicine doctor who will look at all of these factors—and more, not just whether or not you’re eating less and exercising more.

Functional Medicine

If you're serious about losing weight and keeping it off, functional medicine may be worth considering. This approach looks at the whole person rather than just their symptoms and takes into account factors like diet, exercise habits, sleep patterns, stress levels, and hormone imbalances.

By taking all of these factors into account, functional medicine practitioners can develop individualized treatment plans that are much more likely to lead to lasting results.

And that means easier stress recovery, restful sleep, more energy, less pain, better digestion.

All with less medication.

And what that really means is finally getting of the 20-pound lost and found plan with more time and money for what’s really important to you.

Dieting fails too many people because there are many underlying conditions making it difficult to lose weight—and keep it off. If you want to finally get a handle on your weight, work with a functional medicine practitioner who will help you identify any underlying conditions and create a plan to address them so that you can finally start seeing lasting weight loss!

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